Photos From Pulpit Rock

Yesterday, the kiddo asked me “What are you doing today?”
I asked her, “What do you want to do?”
She said, “I wanted to go on a hike… maybe hike Pulpit Rock.”

Obviously the top photo is Pikes Peak. We sat up on the top of Pulpit Rock for a while. The kiddo enjoyed looking down with the binoculars on other hikers in the park, and I was enjoying the relatively warm day. I snagged some pictures of these pine needles.

And this little tree growing out of the rock:

That Guy

This didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped; technology lets me down again. It’s snowed again in Colorado Springs — nothing serious, but both have stuck to the ground. I think we got a couple of inches at our place. I was trying to get a photo of Pikes Peak’s summit and the snow-covered foothills. Maybe you get the idea, but a good photographer would’ve used his camera done a better job.

You know that guy you see riding his bike in the winter? The one that when you see him, you think “Give it up, dude… the season’s over”… I’m now that guy. I rode my bike in this morning, and felt relatively self-conscious, telling myself “Give it up, dude… the season’s over”

Glad All The Other Problems Are Solved

I wish I could say this surprised me… but it didn’t.

I guess it just means that ALL of the rest of the problems in the world have been solved.

Portland Bans Urinals Since Women Can’t Use Them

D’you think the staff at The Onion looks at this sort of stuff and just wants to give up? How can you compete with social justice for ludicrous headlines?

Dave Cullen’s comments on this.